How To Inspect For And Prevent Termites

Termites are things you will never want to see in your home. You need to pay extra attention in case you live in an area where termites are a common thing. They are usually attracted by humidity, stable temperature and wood. If you have seen signs of an infestation, then take action immediately.

How To Inspect for Termites

The critical period occurs between spring and summer. It is the time of year when termites flock to find a pair and reproduce. Therefore, the arrival of mild temperatures increases the risk of infestations.

Except that wood eaters act all year round. The queen can lay upto 2,800 eggs a day , expanding the size of the colony in a very short time, regardless of weather conditions outside. In other words: keep constant attention to the following indicators of the presence of termites.

  • The first thing you need to do is check your mud tube walls. The first place to look for termites is your basement, because of the humidity. If you see mud tubes then it means that the termites have eaten their way through the wood. Look for cracks in the paint from small holes to the walls.
  • The nocturnal insects used to be guided by the moonlight, but the electric lamps messed up the sense of direction of these animals. Now, they are attracted by the brightness of the LED. Result: they invade the interior of the houses.
  • Search for termites live. If you can see holes and mud tubes, then termites may not be far away and you can even spot some.
  • Look for broken wings. This means that termites are in their reproductive phase and this can lead to an actual infestation.
  • Look for swarms and if it turns out that you see some, then this is a real problem. If you find a swarm then it means that a real colony is in your home.
  • An easy way to detect holes in the wood is the tap and you can find out if it is empty or if it has a weakened structure. Dry wood termites produce a brown or brownish residue. This dust, similar to sawdust, is nothing but poop. These are the waste that remains after the pests feed.


If you have found some signs, but no termites, then you should call a professional like Pest Control Como and they will take a better look at your home.

Do not confuse termites with ants. Always get some opinions and quotes from various companies.

How To Prevent

Prevention is always the best medicine at any time, especially when it comes to termites and wood borers. Although insects attack any type of wood, always try to invest in new materials, as second-hand wood and old furniture can easily suffer from the entry of pests because of this it is always recommended to opt for pre purchase pest inspection.

AIso try to keep paint on the wood and varnish. The products help to protect the material and prevent insects from settling in. Separate the wood that is infested and take care of the furniture that apparently does not have any insect problems at the moment.

You can use insecticide and other products to prevent the environment inside the wood from becoming suitable for the proliferation of pests. Constantly check the quality of the wood by doing resistance tests and looking for residues that may be forming.

If you find something wrong with the wood, try to treat the material as soon as possible. Many people decide to ignore the problem because it is apparently not causing major damage to the material. However, the action of the pests is gradual and, if they are not combated, the furniture may yield and become unusable after some time of the infestation.